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Afternoons will be reserved for the roundtables with the participation of expert speakers who have been working on the six topics of the Symposium. Each roundtable will have the participation of research doctors and may also include the participation of a professional of the field that can bring matters and contributions of the market, and society as well, to broaden the debate. The work produced by the participants of the roundtables will be organized as a scientific article chapter to be published in a book after the event.

Speakers (confirmed) who will take part in the roundtables:

Roundtable: Design, territory and culture

Dr. Laura de Souza Cota Carvalho - UFMG (Chair)
Dr. Kátia Andréa Carvalhaes Pêgo - UEMG
Dr. Marcos Eduardo Coutinho - ICMBio/EMBRAPA/UFMG
Mrs. Ieda Shingai - Mon Caviste
Mr. Florent Patrick Bonnefond - Mon Caviste

Roundtable: Social innovation and collaborative models

Dr. Chiara Del Gaudio - UNISINOS (Chair)
Dr. Barbara Peccei Szaniecki - UERJ
Dr. Ione Maria Ghislene Bentz - UNISINOS
MSc. Samara Tanaka

Roundtable: Ecomaterials

Dr. Cristiano Alves da Silva - UFSC (Chair)
Mrs. Carolina Piccin - MateriaLAB 

Dr. Edgar Mantilla Carrasco - UFMG
Dr. Rodrigo Lambert Oréfice - UFMG
Dr. Vicente de Paulo Santos Cerqueira - UFRJ

Roundtable: Environmental labelling

Dr. Andréa Franco Pereira - UFMG (Chair)
MSc. Aline Tristão Bernardes - FSC
Dr. Antônio José Juliani - MDIC

Mr. Vinicius Gomes Ribeiro - ABNT Ambiental 
Dr. Roberta Vieira Gonçalves de Souza - UFMG

Roundtable: Design and craftwork

Dr. Virginia Pereira Cavalcanti - UFPE (Chair)
Mr. Christian Ullmann - iT Projetos 

Mrs. Mary Figueiredo Arantes - Mary Design 

Mrs. Paula Dib - Trans.forma Design for Social 

MSc. Tibério Tabosa - UFPE

Roundtable: Circular economy

Dr. Alfredo Jefferson de Oliveira - PUC-Rio (Chair)
Mr. João Carlos Redondo - Sinctronics
Mrs. Daiane Lopes - Cooperárvore

Mr. Frederico Campos Viana - Refúgio Engenharia Ambiental
Mr. Guilherme Zanforlin - FIEMG


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Department of Technology of Architecture and Urbanism
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